How the TVMOBiLi media server for Windows, Mac, and Linux works

Configuring a Media Server

TVMOBiLi uses some clever technology to stream all of your videos, music and photos to your DLNA enabled device across your home network.

In most cases all that is required is the download and install of the TVMOBiLi software.

The TVMOBiLi checklist

The following bits of kit are all that is required to get yourself streaming your media to your Smart TV/Blu-Ray/Games Console/Tablet.

  • Your computer (Mac, Windows, or Linux must be installed)
  • Your home router (Your internet provider will already have given you one of these)
  • A DLNA enabled device (A Smart TV, Games Console, Blu-Ray Player, Tablet PC etc. etc)


Click on the download icon in the top right of this page to start the download of the TVMOBiLi package. Opening the package will start the installation wizard and you will be guided through the installation process from there. Installation is simple and quick and takes less than 60 seconds from download to completely installed.

Post installation

After installation, TVMOBiLi will start sending out a tiny 'hello' message on your home network that all your DLNA enabled devices will hear. The 'hello' message contains important, secure, connection information that your device uses to display a popup icon on its display.

Using the handset that came with your device you can interact with TVMOBiLi from the device's display (Consult the documentation that came with your device on how to access the DLNA menu/features).


If you are happy with the installation and everything is working as planned, there is a 'purchase' icon that can be found within the main application interface. Click on that link to begin the purchase process.

Your licence is downloaded immediately after payment has been made.

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