Sometimes we forget how ridiculously easy it is to stream media (videos, photos and music) to Samsung TV’s, Blu-Ray Players and other Samsung devices using TVMOBiLi. Everyone who works here at TVMOBiLi is a huge fan of Samsung and the devices they continue to release.

We decided to write a little tutorial to help Samsung TV owners make the most out of their TV by streaming media to it using TVMOBiLi.

TVMOBiLi is a reliable and trusted media server compatible with all new (and newish) Samsung TV’s and other DLNA devices. These include those that include and do not have Samsung’s inbuilt 'Allshare' technology.

"TVMOBiLi will connect to your Samsung’s device as soon as they are both online. When this automatic pairing occurs information can then be transferred (streamed) quickly and without any buffering".

- Streaming to Samsung TV's Tutorial

• Make sure that you have downloaded TVMOBiLi (it's free) to the computer you would like to stream your movie, music or photo file(s) from.

• Ensure that your computer and your Samsung TV are both connected to the same internet connection and are both online.

• Now ensure that you are logged into TVMOBiLi with the email address and password that you provided when registering.

• If you have an older Samsung device it may not be WIFI enabled and either need an Ethernet lead or a Samsung WIFI dongle for it to be connected to the Internet.

• When both devices are online a popup box from TVMOBiLi may appear in the bottom right-hand corner of your Samsung TV. This popup box is often a light grey colour.

• If you cannot see the TVMOBiLi box try refreshing the browser on your computer that displays TVMOBiLi. This should reinforce the connection.

• If you still cannot see TVMOBiLi on the TV screen then have a quick look in the standard Samsung TV navigation using your remote control.

• If you still cannot see a TVMOBiLi icon or popup box on your TV check that both of your devices are online. Failing this feel free to ask us for help via the support forum.

• Now simply click on the TVMOBiLi icon shown on your TV to get started. All of the media on your computer will now be available on the TV and throughout the home wirelessly.

• You may also notice that media saved in iTunes or iPhoto appears in the same folder structure on your TV making your content easy to find and access.

• If you want to watch a movie with subtitles make sure that the subtitle file (SRT format) is saved in the same folder as your video file. By doing so this will stream the subtitle simultaneously with your movie file (perform a overlay) directly to your Samsung TV.

TVMOBiLi is free to download and use. It also perfectly with other devices such as PlayStations, Tablets, Blu-Ray Players, NAS drives and mobile phones of all shapes and sizes