We often receive support emails asking us “how can I stream a movie with subtitles?”

Movie files can be streamed with or without subtitle files. When the subtitle files are not available with a movie file they can also be downloaded separately (and still work together).

How can a movie file that is downloaded separately from a subtitle file work with one another?

In order to watch a subtitle file (SRT) with a movie file you simply need to ensure that they are both saved in the same folder. Advanced media servers (like TVMOBiLi) allow to you to play the contents of an entire folder. By doing so this performs “an overlay”. This basically means that the subtitles are added to (or overlayed) onto the original movie file and they are played together.

Streaming Movies with Subtitles TVMOBiLi Checklist

1. Ensure that you have the subtitle file (SRT) & Movie file in the same folder, and they are called exactly the same name. For instance a movie called ‘Avatar.mkv’ must have an SRT file called ‘Avatar.srt’

2. Make sure that you have TVMOBiLi installed on the computer where your files are saved. TVMOBiLi is free to download and use.

3. If you plan to use TVMOBiLi as a media server and stream the media to another device (SMART TV, iPad, Blu-Ray Player, Game Console etc) switch it on and make sure that it is using the internet connection as the computer where the movie file is located.

4. Look at the devices interface and play the folder containing the subtitle and movie file

5. If you have a Samsung, or LG device, nothing else needs to be done. However some devices made from other manufacturers may require you to open the TVMOBiLi interface and select ‘Always transcode’ from the transcodes page.

6. Enjoy

To follow this tutorial you will need to download TVMOBiLi's free media server. You can download TVMOBiLi for Windows, Mac or Linux by clicking on the..... "Party on Wayne" button!