TVMOBiLi has today introduced a brand new dedicated profile for the Roku 3 media player to enable smooth seamless streaming to this device.

Using the Roku Media Channel it is now possible to unlock all of your media and stream in full HD to this device.

There are a number of tutorials online that explain how you have to manually re-encode your content for this device because of it's relative lack of codec/file support.

We @TVMOBiLi felt that this was wrong and decided to do something about it.

Our ground breaking media engine will auto detect the format of your content and convert it into a format suitable for the Roku 3 without you having to lift a finger. The original file will be left fully in-tact on your hard disk and you can sit back and relax whilst we take care of the complex conversion automatically.

To enable the Roku profile follow the steps below:

  • Open the TVMOBiLi settings page, select 'RECEIVE MEDIA ENGINE UPDATES' and then press the SUBMIT button.
  • On the same page press the SYNCHRONISE button.
  • De-select 'RECEIVE MEDIA ENGINE UPDATES' and press SUBMIT again.
  • Reboot.
  • Enjoy pure HD streaming on your Roku 3.

It cannot be simpler - say goodbye to complex decoding/encoding and file conversions, just relax, use TVMOBiLi, and enjoy.