The ‘Xbox One’ will be the next gaming console released by Microsoft. It follows on from the success of Xbox 360 released in 2005. The Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 (PS3) both have proved themselves to be excellent media servers and integrate seamlessly with TVMOBiLi.

Here are some questions often asked:

• Will the Xbox One work with TVMOBiLi?

We are expecting it to! A huge number of PS3 & Xbox 360 owners stream media to their consoles using TVMOBiLi every second of every day. There could be a huge backlash by gamers if this key feature is not released (on either the Xbox One or PS4).

•Will the Xbox One be DLNA enabled?

Yes, we think so! DLNA is the infrastructure used by TVMOBiLi to stream media (this makes it fully compatible the PS3 & Xbox 360). Microsoft have a seat on the 'DLNA' (Digital Living Network Alliance®) board. (Sony set up DLNA in 2003 as a non-profit collaborative trade organization. Therefore we also expect the PS4 to be DLNA enabled).

The PS3 & Xbox One recently ‘squared up’ to one another in regards to price and specification. By not including DLNA it could give the other a strategic and technological advantage!

•Will TVMOBiLi still support Xbox 360 & PS3 once the new consoles are released?

Yes, it is our aim to make ALL DLNA enabled devices work seamlessly with TVMOBiLi. Unlike gaming consoles TVMOBiLi will always remain "backwards compatible"

Our high performance media server gives Xbox 360 & PS3 owners the ability to stream videos, photos and music from their computer to their Xbox 360, PS3 & other DLNA enabled devices.

•Can I stream to my Xbox 360 now?

Yes you can! Download TVMOBiLi for free and make sure that your Xbox 360 and the computer with TVMOBiLi (installed on it) are online.

Once downloaded follow the simple visual tutorial below (on your own Xbox). This will help you find the media that you would like to stream and how it integrates with TVMOBiLi

- Switch on your Xbox

- Decide which player you would like to use (based on what kind of media you would like to stream)

- Select TVMOBiLi as the source (if TVMOBiLi does not appear check that your Xbox 360 and home computer (with TVMOBiLi installed on it) are both online)

- Select the media that you would like to stream

- and enjoy

If you need further help or would like to stream to your PS3 go to our tutorial page

More information about the Xbox One