Having both of your computer's network cards connected to the same network causes a heap of trouble for DLNA that causes constant disconnects on your TV/Blu-ray. In this article, @ZooteeMan gives you the low-down on why the problems occur, and how to solve it.

You are probably reading this because your TV is constantly popping up a message saying 'media server disconnected', or, even when you are not streaming, the troublesome 'connected to media server' appears without even doing anything.

There is good reason for this, and here's the explanation.

To discover devices and computers on your network, TVMOBiLi (And all DLNA enabled devices) will send out a little 'hello' message on a regular basis so that each device knows how to contact your computer that is running our media server.

By default, TVMOBiLi will use all network cards on your computer to send out it's 'hello' message and this means that your TV will hear our message from your wired card, and your wireless card.

But what's the big deal with that?

Simple. Your wired card might have an IP address of and your wireless card might be This means that when we send the 'hello' out of the wired card, your TV is told that the route to TVMOBiLi is through When we send the message out of the wireless card, your TV is told to forget about the previous route, and instead it should use the new route (

The constant disconnect messages that are popping up is your TV trying to make sense of the duplicate messages, from apparently different computers.

What's the solution?

There are 2 solutions as follows:

Solution 1

Open the TVMOBiLi settings page and locate the 'NETWORK SETTINGS' section as shown below.

Media Server Settings

Change the setting from 'All Adapters' to the wired adapter by pressing the SELECT button underneath the icon.

Solution 2 (Preferred)

Having both network cards enabled in your network settings is causing performance issues on your computer, regardless of how they affect TVMOBiLi.

Disable your wireless adapter within your Operating System's network settings and this will then disappear from TVMOBiLi's available list of network cards.

In Conclusion

As soon as you have made these changes, peace and harmony will once again break out on your home network and your disconnect issues will be a thing of the past :)