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Blu-Ray Smart Devices


TVMOBiLi makes streaming to your internet enabled Blu-Ray device easy. With the exception of a handful of low budget Blu-Ray players, all sales of these devices over the past couple of years have almost exclusively been of devices that are able to stream your videos, music, and photos from your computer using the TVMOBiLi Blu-Ray Media Server.

Blu-Ray Media Server

TVMOBiLi works with most Internet enabled Blu-Ray players. Once the Blu-Ray player is connected to your home network (should automatically happen within approx. 30 seconds of power on), you should see the TVMOBiLi icon and name popup in the Blu-Ray player's navigation/menu bar.

Using the remote control that was supplied with your Blu-Ray player, you can now navigate the TVMOBiLi folder hierarchy in exactly the same way that you would when navigating the folder hierarchy on your computer. Locate the movie, or audio track, or photo that you would like to stream and enjoy the viewing experience.