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Playstation3 and XBox 360 Consoles

Playstation3 and XBox 360 MEDIA SERVER

TVMOBiLi is the trusted streaming solution for gamers across the globe. Simply download TVMOBiLi and switch on your PlayStation 3, or XBox 360 and a TVMOBiLi icon will appear within the main console user interface.

Selecting the TVMOBiLi icon using the standard gaming controller within this interface will allow you to browse into your video, music, or photo collection on your computer in exactly the same way that you would when physically using your computer's default file browser.

Once you have located the content that you want to play, press the 'x' button on the PS3, or the 'green' button on your XBox controller and your content will start to playback on the console. The media stream is digitally transmitted from your computer to your console by TVMOBiLi at the highest possible quality level.

The image below highlights how TVMOBiLi appears on the PlayStation 3 interface (when connected to an Apple Mac).

Playstation3 and XBox 360 Media Server