Samsung AllShare Devices

Samsung smart TV media server

TVMOBiLi is a high performance media server that allows you to stream your videos, music, and photos to your Samsung SmartTV. The Samsung iSMART TV range includes the flagship ES8000 SmartTV, which is the first ever TV to feature Samsung’s Smart Interaction Technology – a gesture and voice control, as well as facial recognition system to control the TV.

The ES8000 TV, along with all the other Samsung SmartTVs that show the AllShare logo are compatible with the TVMOBiLi media server.

Samsung mobile phone media server

Samsung also produce a wide variety of mobile handsets that are fully supported by TVMOBiLi, the popular Galaxy S2, and Galaxy S3 range have AllShare built into them by Samsung. This allows handset owners to instantly stream all of their movies, music, and photos from their computer to their Samsung phone using TVMOBiLi.

There are also a number of 3rd party media players that you can download from the Google Play market to turn TVMOBiLi into an Android media server to support the Samsung Android mobile range.

Samsung blu-ray media server

Most of the Samsung Blu-Ray range support AllShare and media streaming through TVMOBiLi. This has been a standard feature on Samsung Blu-Ray players since 2010. TVMOBiLi is fully compatible with the Samsung Blu-Ray range and will stream your videos, music, and photos in full high definition acting as the Blu-Ray media server.